Stephanie Cowan



Avalon Artists Group 

242 West 30th Street, Suite 903
New York, NY 10001
PHONE: (212) 868-3200                                                             



GYPSY                                    Louise                                    Flat Rock Playhouse

                                                                                               Dir. Amy Jones  

MY WAY                                Featured Vocalist               Riverside Center Theatre

                                                                                                Dir. Dennis Courtney

SOUTH PACIFIC                   Ensemble                              Westchester Broadway Theatre

                                                                                                 Dir. Charlie Repole

THE WEDDING SINGER      Julia                                       Wagon Wheel Theatre

A TALE OF TWO CITIES      Ensemble                              Theatre Royal, Brighton UK

                                                                                                 Dir. Jack Cummings III

THE SOUND OF MUSIC       Elsa                                         Different Stages

A CHRISTMAS CAROL        Alice the Cook                         McCarter Theatre

                                                                                                 Dir. Michael Unger

NEW VOICES                      Ensemble                                 Paper Mill Playhouse



GUYS AND DOLLS               Sarah Brown                          Pennsylvania State University

                                                                                                 Dir. Meghan Hakes-Booth

INTO THE WOODS               Stepmother                            Pennsylvania State University

                                                                                                 Dir. Kasey RT Graham

SWEENEY TODD                  Quintet, u/s Lovett                Pennsylvania State University

                                                                                                 Dir. Susan H. Schulman

DROWSY CHAPERONE        Janet Van de Graaf                Pennsylvania State University

                                                                                                   Dir. Nathan Brewer

GREY GARDENS                  Young Little Edie                   Pennsylvania State University

                                                                                                  M.D. Dan Riddle

MASS                                   Mezzo Soprano                      Pennsylvania State University



A TALE OF TWO CITIES     Ensemble                               Dir. Michael D. Edwards

INEXPERIENCED LOVE      Emma                                     Dir. Robert W. Schneider



A TALE OF TWO CITIES       Supporting                           International Cast DVD(PBS)         

END OF FLOWERS                Principal                               Dir. Arianna DeGiorgi



Pennsylvania State University BFA Candidate, Musical Theatre (2014)

                          Dance:  Ballet (5 years) Tap (3 years) Jazz (5 years)

                          Acting:  Mark Olsen, Jane Ridley, Jim Wise

                          Vocal:   Mary Saunders Barton


Equestrian (English), Stage Combat, Cartwheels/Roundoffs, Splits, Valid U.S. Passport, NJ drivers license