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Product photography of a bracelet brand with a black model.
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Headshot of Stephanie Cowan, owner of Stephanie Cowan Photography

Authenticity isn't just a buzzword – it's my guiding principle. My greatest strength is celebrating and capturing people in their true essence. I am on a mission to help individuals and businesses authentically tell their stories through bright, genuine photography. And hey, just between us, I've earned a reputation as the go-to headshot photographer for top-tier executives and Tech Giants in San Francisco.


Whether it's editorial portraiture or corporate headshots, I am here to capture the unique YOU in every shot.

Stephanie here

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Past Clients

Located in the Mission District of San Francisco, my photo studio is designed with both style and comfort in mind. The spacious studio boasts impressive 30 foot ceilings and comes equipped with disco balls and plants. (LOTS of plants.) While you wait for your moment in front of the lens or have a large team, there is room to relax in the cozy sitting areas. From solo sessions to group shoots, the studio provides the perfect backdrop for capturing professional and polished photographs that make a lasting impression.

Image of the Loft studio space in San Francisco
Image of the Loft studio space in San Francisco
Short clip of Stephanie Cowan in action in her Loft studio space.

The Loft

Short clip of Stephanie Cowan in action in her Loft studio space.

Capturing the unique essence of every story. One click at a time.

Example of Editorial Portraiture of an Asian woman.
Example of Event Photography with a black man in a field.
Corporate Headshot of a South Asian client.

What we Shoot

Corporate Headshots
Example of Corporate Photography featuring a headshot of a South Asian woman in a brown blazer.
Editorial Portraiture
Example of Editorial Portraiture with a white woman leaning on a disco ball and biting a pencil.
Brand  Storytelling
Example of Brand Storytelling Services with a latin man standing behind a bottle of red wine.
Headshot of a white woman in a grey blazer.

"Stephanie is the best photographer I have ever worked with. Her ease behind the camera and passion for capturing her clients at their best, while creating an inviting atmosphere, is the ultimate trifecta!"

Kelly Cook- Founder of The Ardory

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